Membership Terms and Conditions


 1. FEES

Upon signing the member agrees to pay either a lump sum fee, or an initial payment until a direct debit is initiated. The member will continue to pay fees even if the member ceases to attend Get Me Fitter and will pay the fee until the membership is terminated by the member once the minimum period has been completed.

Get Me Fitter reserves the right to change the level of fees from time to time. Get Me Fitter will give at least 30 days notice of any changes made to the level of membership fees.


The member authorises payment of the membership fee by direct debit to Get Me Fitter from the member’s designated bank account. If the member changes the designated bank account they must notify Get Me Fitter and complete a replacement direct debit form. Failure to do so may result in dishonour fees being charged. Fees will be deducted on a weekly or fortnightly basis (as specified by the member).


Get Me Fitter shall not be liable or responsible to the member for any direct, indirect, consequential injury, loss or damage to the person, or the property of the Member, whatsoever and howsoever.


In the event that membership fees are overdue at anytime, Get Me Fitter will write to advise you of this. We may charge a fee of $25 for a failed direct debit payment. During any period in which Get Me Fitter terminates the membership or membership fees are not paid, Get Me Fitter may suspend or terminate your membership and deactivate your access card. Once this happens, any unpaid and overdue membership fees may be referred to a debt collection agency and all other associated charges and fees incurred will be the members’ responsibility and will be legally recoverable from the member.


The member agrees to join Get Me Fitter for the minimum period specified on the contract term and pay the fees as they fall due for the entire minimum period, even if the member stops attending Get Me Fitter. No refunds will be given for non-attendance.


If a member signs up to Get Me Fitter under a specific promotional deal, the member agrees to adhere to all specific terms & conditions surrounding that particular promotion. A copy of the terms & conditions will be provided to each member upon signing up.  


Prior to the completion of the contract (if applicable) Get Me Fitter will advise the member that the contract period is due to end. If the member does not wish to continue their contract they may contact Get Me Fitter and cancel their membership once all payments have been made.

The member must notify Get Me Fitter in writing that the membership is to be terminated. All members who have paid in advance or via a weekly Direct Debit, must give ONE weeks’ notice. All members who have paid via a fortnightly Direct Debit must give TWO weeks’ notice.


Get Me Fitter may terminate the membership if:

  • The member fails to comply with the policies and guidelines of the club.

  • The member fails to comply with the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

In the event of termination made by Get Me Fitter, the member will still be responsible for any outstanding fees. (See Overdue & Dishonour Fees) 


Lockers may be available for hire during any membership period. The member agrees to pay the locker fees set by Get Me Fitter as they become due. The member acknowledges that these fees are in addition to the Gym Membership Fees. A locker key will be issued at the commencement of the locker hire. The member agrees to pay for any replacement keys if needed. The member agrees to abide by the Club Rules and will not store any prohibited items such as drugs or firearms, or store any perishable items for an extended period of time. The members agrees to allow the Get Me Fitter staff to access the locker from time to time in order to replenish towels and to deodorized the space. Get Me Fitter will remain dedicated to ensuring the security of the lockers but the member acknowledges that any items left in the lockers are there at the members own risk. The member agrees to give ONE weeks’ notice if they wish to terminate their Locker Hire & will return their Locker key


Mates Rates is open to a limited number of spaces only.  Existing members may be eligible for the Mates Rates deal by signing up a non-member during advertising window. When a space or spaces become available – Get Me Fitter will notify other Mates Rates members in order to try and refill the available spaces. If those spaces cannot be filled, Get Me Fitter will advertise that limited spaces are available If the available spaces cannot be filled after 14 days of advertising, Get Me Fitter reserves the right to revert all Mates Rates memberships back to the standard membership rate. Get Me Fitter will give 7 days notice before any prices changes occur. All Mates Rates members agree to receive any & all correspondence regarding the Mates Rates deal, spaces available & potential price increases. By unsubscribing, the member will become ineligible for the Mates Rates promotion. Mates Rates memberships can NOT be put on hold.


A membership card will be issued at the commencement of the contract. This card is be used exclusively by the member to access the gym. Allowing use of the membership card for a non-member is in breach of the terms and conditions and Get Me Fitter reserves the right to terminate the membership without notice. Members who do not have their access card will not be able to access the gym during non-staffed times and should not expect another member to grant them access. Members may not bring in any non-member during non-staffed hours, failure to adhere to this will result in a penalty of $150 per infringement; continued breaches may result in termination of membership by Get Me Fitter. When commencing a membership with Get Me Fitter a $10 access card fee is incurred. This is payable at the time of issue. In the event of the card being lost or damaged, replacement cards can be issued for a cost of $10 per card, payable at the time of issue.   Any person under the age of 16 will not be permitted to use the facility unless authorisation is given by the directors.


The member has the right to quiet enjoyment of all the clubs facilities and agrees to comply with all terms set out in this agreement and with Get Me Fitters Code of Conduct. The member must not carry out any illegal acts on club premises, and must comply with the club’s health and safety requirements, including those directed to your own health and safety. The member acknowledges that the club may be unattended by staff in the weekends and agrees to comply with club rules in this time. The club reserves the right to restrict members from weekend access or terminate the membership without notice if club rules are broken.