Results Club: Renegade

Results Club: Renegade


Results Club: Renegade is a results-based gym program for both men and women. With a 10 week focus on nutrition & training, it is designed to improve performance, strength and achieve a massive change in body composition.

  • reduce body fat

  • increase strength

  • improve perfromance 

  • fit into that little black dress

  • feel confident to take your shirt off at the beach

  • have more energy then your mates

  • to create a relationship with whole, healthy foods


  • Progressive Strength Training Programs

  • Fat Burning Sweat Sessions

  • Day by day training calendar - you will always know what to do & when to do it

  • Before & After Performance Testing

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Supplement guide

  • 24/7 Email Support

  • Weekly Educational Newsletters

You will be eating amazing, nutrient rich foods that will fuel the body and leave your feeling great. 

  • Burgers

  • curries

  • smoothies

  • tasty snack ideas

  • and much more

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