• reduce body fat

  • increase strength

  • improve perfromance

  • fit into that little black dress

  • feel confident to take your shirt off at the beach

  • have more energy then your mates

  • to create a relationship with whole, healthy foods

Results Club: Renegade is a results-based gym program for both men and women. With a 10 week focus on nutrition & training, it is designed to improve performance, strength and achieve a massive change in body composition.  Comprehensive testing, program design and supportive nutrition protocols will have you smashing personal bests and feeling at the top of your game...the only requirement is that you put the hard yards in.

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Nutrition & Lifting Guide

This is the cornerstone resource of the program. Our nutrition & lifting ethos will:

  • help you establish a sound nutritional philosophy

  • help cut back & curb sugar intake

  • understand the most effective supplements to use

  • create a better relationship with healthy foods

  • how to eat & hydrate to support performance

  • understand how to get your workout intensity right


Fat Melting Work-Out Guide

Our sweat week training guide, uses tried and proven exercise combinations that will leave you a hot mess on the floor. 

No need for hours of boring cardio here. Innovative and challenging sessions will burn massive amounts of calories and stoke your fat melting metabolic furnace for hours after you finish your session. 

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Progressive Strength Programs

Nothing is as impressive as a well developed physique. Strong is the new sexy! Our strength programs are built on battle tested principles and incorporate intensity methods that will take your strength gains to the next level.
Compound lifts and weekly progressions will reveal a strong and toned physique in 10 weeks.


Extensive Work-out Library 

RC: Renegade includes work-out demonstrations with Coach Hayden clearly demonstrating every exercise. We’ve chosen the most effective exercises we know to get you the best results in the least amount of time.

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Training Calendar 

It sucks when you don't have a game-plan and you rock into the gym and hit the same old routine. We have done all the organising and thinking for you. This calendar is a day by day, week by week plan - that way you know exactly what to do everytime you hit the gym.


BONUS: Tasty Recipe Guide

An added perk to the Renegade program is our bonus recipe guide. You will be eating amazing, nutrient rich foods that will fuel the body and leave your feeling great. 

  • Burgers

  • curries

  • smoothies

  • tasty snack ideas

  • and much more

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