Raise Your Standards

The bellow programs are designed to get results and help you get Fitter, Faster & Stronger - you choose.
Each plan is delivered via the GMF Training App directly to your phone, is packed with training methodology that works and gives you the ability to track / record your progress.

Each plan can be used to help you with the GMF Fitness Standards or they can be done on their own to help take your training to the next level.

10 Weeks to Faster (1).png


"Faster" is designed to challenge your aerobic capacity. Not one but three disciplines completed back to back will test your heart and lungs - even if you're a competent runner.

Included in this program:

  • 9 week progressive Row / Ride / Run cardio plan

  • Total body conditioning circuits

  • Upper Body Stretching Plan

  • Lower Body Stretching Plan

  • Total Body Stretching Plan

  • Progress Tracking

  • All training plans are delivered via the GMF Training App Complete this program and improve your score on the FASTER fitness test.

10 Weeks to Fitter (1).png


This program is specifically designed to help you improve your score on the FITTER test. Each workout is built to challenge you anaerobically and help you increase your work capacity so you can smash the FITTER test.

Included in this program:  

  • a progressive training plan with session by session breakdown 

  • upper body stretching routine

  • lower body stretching routine

  • total body stretching routine

  • planed recovery days

  • progress tracking (measurements and photos) 

This program is specially designed to help you improve your score on the GMF "FITTER" test.

10 weeks to strong (1).png


10 WEEKS TO STRONGER is a 3 phase training plan that will help you raise your strength standards.

Specifically designed to build strength in all the lifts that are in the "Stronger" fitness test, you are guided session by session to ensure that you are seeing progress and make it to the leader board.

Included in this program:

  • 10 Week Training Plan

  • Three Phase Progressive Overload

  • Total Body Stretching Routines

  • Session Tracking & Load Reports

  • Body Composition Tracking 

  • Exercise Video Library