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The GMF 30 Day Cardio + Core Challenge is all about getting people moving more, feeling better and seeing results.


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Benefits of the 30 Day Cardio & Core Challenge

  • Weight Loss
  • Tone your Butt & Thighs 
  • Flatten your mid-section
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve cardio fitness level

How do I get the challenge for free?

All you have to do is complete the 30 Day Cardio & Core Challenge and achieve the target weight loss of 5kg and we will refund the sign up fee.

Meaning you get the whole program for free!

What to expect when you join the challenge...

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The Get Me Fitter Crew has designed this program to help anyone who is looking to tone & tighten their abs and butt.  With beginner, intermediate and advanced training options we can help kickstart your fitness journey and challenge the most avid of exercisers. 
Our focus is to help you decrease body fat, improve your midsection, increase your flexibility and improve your cardio fitness.

Progressive Cardio Plan

Utilising a variety of training methods the cardio aspect of the challenge includes steady state which is great for heart and lung fitness and super effective HIIT sessions to help melt stubborn body fat. 

Each method is set up to be progressive and can be done at  home, in the park or at your local gym.


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Core Program

The core component is made up of 3 different routines that progress through "time under tension". Using the most effective core training exercises, this part of the program will challenge you and get you on track for a toned, tightened midsection. 


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Yoga Plan:

Yoga is a fantastic way to help relieve stress in the muscles and also gives you a chance to have some downtime to bring the body back into balance. Linked together in fluid sequences, this part of the program complements the higher intensity work and will help keep you injury free. 



Receive the entire program plus unlimited online support for only $24.95

Remember, you can get this program for free by achieving our 5kg weight loss target.